My Favorite Studio Supplies from Amazon

My Favorite Studio Supplies from Amazon

My Favorite Studio Supplies from Amazon

The beauty of earring making, whether it's a hobby or you're aiming to earn from it, requires just a tiny investment upfront. Here are some top picks I rely on in my biz, snagged from Amazon. Click the links to shop direct!
  • Gorilla Super Glue Gel -Trying out various glues for attaching posts to earrings, I've discovered that Gorilla Super Glue Gel is a winner. The gel texture lets me control the amount I apply, without any messy spillage off the sides of my earrings. 
  • 5mm Hypoallergenic Stainless Steal Posts - When I began crafting earrings, it was crucial to ensure they were comfy for sensitive ears like mine. After lots of testing, these stainless steel posts proved to be top-notch. I can wear them for hours sans ear irritation!  
  • Silicone Earring Backs - Gotta keep those sensitive ears happy, that's why each pair of earrings comes with two different back styles. You can rock a stainless steel backing or switch it up with a silicone earring back - your choice!
  • Larger Mailing Boxes - I recently added MiniMailer boxes to my lineup of shipping boxes, which has been game changing, however for larger orders, like wholesale orders, I use a 9x6x2 box, which I can fill with a good numbers of earrings. These boxes usually costs $20 to ship across Canada and less than $15 to ship down to the US. 
  • 3 Piece Jewelry Pliers -These pliers are crucial for crafting my earrings and thankfully, they're wallet-conscious and come in adorbs colors. 
  • Clay Roller - I use an Atlas Pasta Roller from Value Village, bought before my clay earring days. While Atlas makers are fancy, alternatives like the one linked work just as well. Hand-rolling is an option, but for consistency, a rolling machine is the way to go!
  • Polymer Clay Starter Set - This set is a total steal at just over $20. With an acrylic clay roller, 40 pc. mini circle cutters (which I'm obsessed with for studs), steel cutters, and MORE, you can't go wrong with this set!


Stay tuned for supplies that I purchase from other small businesses! 

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